October 18, 2012

A Look at How to Approach Social Media

Great American Media Services’ new marketing services division recently was featured by The Association of Business Media & Information Companies (ABM). According to its website, ABM’s goal is “to enhance the knowledge and best practices of leading media companies that provide quality information for business and professional markets worldwide. American Business Media is committed to growing its members’ businesses.”

In the article, Kimberly Baker, director of media services, shares that a lot of companies are interested in pursuing social media marketing opportunities, but they’re unsure where to start and how to incorporate it with their existing marketing programs.

“The key steps are knowing who you are talking to, what those people want to know from you and how they like to consume that information,” she said. “You also want to know their [audience’s] experience and comfort level with social media because there might be audiences who do not look to social media to find out information; they might be looking to more traditional areas, more traditional routes.”

Read what else Baker had to say about social media and the services offered by Great American Media Services.