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Great American Media Services acquires Horticulture Group of Scranton Gillette Communications

Business-to-business publisher and event management company Great American Media Services has announced its acquisition of Scranton Gillette Communications’ Horticulture Group, including two magazines, Web properties and two events for the garde...
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Encourage people to see you first on Facebook

Did you see? Facebook, the ever-evolving social media marketing tool, has changed … again. (I know. It’s hard to keep up, but we’re here to help!) Before I explain the change, I want to get you up to speed on what’s happening with Facebook. Ma...
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Things to remember when developing a new website

If you haven’t noticed already, the Great American Media Services team has been busy redesigning our various websites. New designs for Coach and Athletic Director, Produce Processing and Stationery Trends have already been released and we are c...
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How to multitask at industry trade shows

We hear it time and time again: I only have two hands, how can I possibly gather information, post to Facebook and Twitter, shoot photos and videos and network with others in the industry? It’s easier said than done, but practice will only make...
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Do Facebook videos improve reach and engagement?

Did you hear? Facebook wants its users to stay on Facebook for longer periods of time. You shouldn’t be surprised. That’s what all markets want, right? Audience duration is key, and Facebook is recognizing that. The worst part: Facebook seems...
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